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2015 CCCC 4th Harbor Institute's Technology Seminar was Held Successfully​

2015 CCCC 4th Harbor Institute's Technology Seminar was Held Successfully

CCCC 4th Harbor Institute’s technology seminar took place in Guangzhou on November 3, 2015. Mr. Miao Changwen, an academician of the China Engineering Academy; Mr. Lv Zhongrong, a professor of Sun Yat-sen University; Mr. Mo Haihong, a professor of South China University of Technology; Mr. Lv Weiqing, general engineer of the CCCC Fourth Harbor; and other industry experts, technology experts of the CCCC Fourth Harbor, technology directors of associate organizations, technology staff of the CCCC 4th Harbor Institute, nearly 100 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Yongping, general manager of the CCCC 4th Harbor Institute, representing the organizer gave a passionate opening speech, expressed a warm welcome and thanks to all the leaders, experts and colleagues who attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Shengnian, general engineer of the CCCC 4th Harbor Institute, introduced the development of scientific research work in the 50 years. Academician Miao Changwen, Professor Lv Zhongrong, Professor Mo Haihong, respectively presented their academic reports, “Control of the microstructure of concrete”, “Data analysis on the health monitoring of Canton Tower structure”, and “Some problems of the foundation pit engineering”, to share their research results and work experiences. CCCC 4th Harbor Institute’s core technicians in charge of construction material, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering, also made a speech at the meeting, to exchange the research progress and results of their research projects.

Lv Weiqing highly affirmed the convening of this seminar; expressed appreciation for the results achieved after 2000 years; and on behalf of CCCC Fourth Harbor, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the efforts and contributions to the company’s science and technology development, which were made by CCCC 4th Harbor Institute since its establishment. Then, he encouraged CCCC 4th Harbor Institute, to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of 50 years, and in the new international situation, under the guidance of CCCC’s five-business strategy, find the localization accurately, to broaden our horizons, facing the international, carry out science and technology work with prospective, to obtain greater development in the new period, and make greater contribution to the industry, CCCC and CCCC Fourth Harbor.