Technology Service

Technology Service

On the basis of technology research, CCCC 4th Harbor Institute provides technical services covering a range of monitoring, inspection, detection, testing, design, consultation, etc. in the fields of construction materials, environmental & ecological geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, etc. Our footprints spread across domestic areas including South China, East China, North China, Central China, Southwest China, Northeast China, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, and Southern Europe, etc.

CCCC 4th Harbor Institute supports Chinese and overseas major projects with quality control, safety management and design optimization to guarantee the safety, quality and economic benefits for construction. The professional skills and high-quality technical services we provided for overseas projects , which have made remarkable contribution for Chinese standard internationalization and for Chinese general construction contracting enterprises to enter the world’s market, are highly appraised by famous overseas design & consulting companies, such as COWI, AECOM, WorleyParsons, ROYAL HASKONING, Halcrow, EGT Engenharia, Louis Berger, Egis International, etc.

Business Scope

1. Construction Materials

(1)Examination of Construction Materials

(2)Construction and Operation Management of Site Laboratory.

(3)Durability Inspection & Evaluation for Old Buildings and Acceptance Check for New Buildings

(4)Technical Consultation and Quality Control of High Performance Concrete and Special Concrete

(5)Crack Control Consultation and Monitoring of Concrete Structures

(6)Durability Technical Consultation, Monitoring and Restoration for Steel Structures and Concrete Structures

(7)Technical Consultation and Inspection for Corrosion Protection (Coating, Cathode Protection, etc.) of Steel Structures and Reinforced Concrete Structures

(8)Technical Consultation for Concrete Waterproof Engineering (for Bridge Deck, Road Surface, etc.) and Fire Protection Engineering

2. Structural Engineering

(1)Detection and Consultation of Foundation Pile and Foundation Bolt

(2)Testing, Detection and Observation of Interior Structures

(3)Detection, Evaluation and Identification of Wharf Structures

(4)Construction Monitoring and Consultation of Design and Construction of Bridges

(5)Detection, Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment of Highway Engineering and Bridge Engineering

(6)Maintenance and Strengthening, Reconstruction Design, Construction and Consultation of Wharf Structures and Bridge Structures

(7)Design & Construction Consultation of Immersed Tunnel and Supporting Structures and the Related Detection and Monitoring

(8)Simulation Test and Calculation Analysis of Construction Process

3. Environmental & Ecological Geotechnical Engineering

(1)Ecotechnical Engineering Design & Consultation (including Excavation, Slope and Ground Treatment)

(2)Monitoring and Testing of Ground Treatment and Foundation Pit Monitoring

(3)Geological Advanced Prediction, Monitoring, Measurement and Detection of Tunnel.

(4)Design, Consultation, Monitoring and Testing of Embankment, Revetment, Breakwater, etc.

(5)Monitoring and Testing of High Slope

(6)Geotechnical Engineering Investigation and Geophysical Prospecting

(7)Geotechnical Test and Geosynthetics Test and Detection

(8)Subgrade Pavement Testing.

(9)Special Soil Treatment and Technical Services of Environmental Ecology and Environmental Protection